• Standard Arch Support System
  • Laser Arch Support System
  • Dual Arch support system
  • Universal Dual Arch support system
  • Standard BBQ Mount system
  • Modified Cuisinart Grill with Mount system
  • Modified Cuisinart Grill w/ Universal Mount system

Our pontoon boat rail mount BBQ Grill is the best Grill and mount system available in the industry! Extreme Marine Products now carries Cuisinart Grills, we offer this grill with the Arnall's BBQ mount.

BBQ Mount

Our patented arch cover support system is the most water resistant option for any pontoon boat.  Varieties include: Standard, Laser, Dual and Universal

Extreme Marine Products

BBQ Mount for Fiberglass boats!

It’s important for us to push the limits of accessories!  This product tested out great - but needs some simplification, we plan to release an update in 2015.

Our Best Sellers:

A New Generation of accessories:

Cover Support

We have many designs of accessories, shown here is our all metal drink holder - perfect to hold your favorite beverage - wherever you may be sitting on your boat.

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Our accessories are all metal - no plastic, formed and welded in our Missouri fabrication shop.  We have a selection of rod holders that are certain to fit your needs.


Our designs & inventions are always improving....

Our mission is to bring you the best boating experience possible by providing new and innovative products.  The owners, Randy and Leslie continue to think up new ways to bring exciting new products to market - shown here is a fiberglass gunnel mount rack of rod and drink holders. One of the latest patents filed and approved.